About Carolina M Joyce

Born with the gift of an artful eye, Carolina Joyce's ability to catch "the decisive moment" has earned her prominence in the photography world.  Heralded as evocative, playful, intimate and imaginative, Carolina has perfected the art of weaving a graceful, visual voice into the storyline of a commemorative time in life.

From the significant to subtle, she documents all the grace, emotion and moments of humor that make each event and portrait unique.  Never upstaging her subjects, she moves inconspicuously through every facet of an event- overlooking nothing- capturing special moments, and the subject's essential characteristics, as they naturally unfold.  

Viewers are left with tantalizing portraits that are devastatingly honest.

A native from New Jersey, a passion for world travel, the creative arts and an innate curiosity compelled Carolina to go into photography.  Her work is influenced by and reflects her love and passion for music,  dance, nature and human relationships.

Based in Basalt, Colorado just a few minutes from Aspen, Carolina is available for a limited number of portraits and special events in the US and abroad.